Anonymous Asked: how do you get your tag to look so perfect on your gif? mine usually looks fine, but after i upload the gif on tumblr the tag looks all blurry and crappy.

It’s probably the scaling, if the text ever has to be upscaled it looks horrible. It could also be that it’s a small font with a 1px stroke, it makes it stand out more in the corner but not be invasive.

Next time use some fucking manners when you ask me a question. I shouldn’t have answered this.


How bout a little head? 

I cannot face it.

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playback-delete-rewiind Asked: Your blog is perfect, so glad I found it!

Thank you! Glad you like it. Man, everyone is being so nice lately that I am almost getting emotional.

Wow, so many new followers. Hello everyone! I’ll try and get some gifs done today but I managed to bust my neck and shoulder, so it’ll either take forever to make stuff or I’ll do it when I feel a bit better.

blackeyedghost Asked: I love your blog so much . I just found it, immediately followed.

Aw thanks! Glad you like it :)



I’m sure it’s only a glitch. A temporary setback.

Ed209 doin’ what Ed209s do best.

Chumpbot 2000 doing what Chumpbot 2000’s do worst.

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